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You won't believe the news we have for you this edition!

First, are you tired of traveling all the way to Brooklyn every spring just to juggle in the second largest space in NYC? Well no more! This year Juggle This goes BIG TIME and heads to Madison Square Garden! Oh yes, we're THAT BIG.

Want details? Click here.

Next, and definitely not least, as you've noticed, we've been adding a lot of new features to both sites in 2012. As a result of increased activity and community interest a leading internet company has offered $1.6 million dollars to develop our small but burgeoning community into an international empire. We can't yet reveal the name but let's just say that even though it rhymes with "frugal," their offer is definitely not!

Yes, folks, we can hardly believe it all ourselves!

So keep tossing and turning, flipping and flopping, and someday may all your dreams come true.

Forever yours,

Cynthia & Viveca

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