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Happy new year, and welcome to 2012- a mysterious year filled with the promise of magic, intrigue, and of course CIRCUS!

In 2012 we turn over our own new leaf and leap into the world of social media and networking with a new commenting sytem on both sites.
  • Have your say: Share your experiences, knowledge, and feedback about articles, events, and organizations.
  • Connect with your community: arrange a ride, find a place to crash, make a friend!
For now you'll need to be a Facebook user to take advantage of this system, but in the very near future we'll make it work with your Yahoo, AOL, or Hotmail account.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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The Piccolini Trio's Circus in a Trunk
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Traces Extended Through June
Trapeze & Fabric Teacher Training
Bindlestiff Family Cirkus
Performer Workshop: Creating Characters
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Turbo Fest (Quebec)
Pre-Turbo Fest Mini Festival (VT)
MadFest Jan 13-15
Unicycling Juggler on Vaudephone duplicates are not listed. & rely on your input!
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