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"Damn everything but the circus." – E.E. Cummings
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Yay, America! Sep 8-16
Posted August 9, 2018
Directed by Elizabeth Baron
Performed by Kaitlin Kaufman

When the country feels like it’s going to shit, politicians are corrupt out of their butts and everything on our news feed makes us feel nauseous and/or constipated, it’s time we turn to poets like Penelope for answers. Penelope is a naive, vibrant, affable, surprisingly aggressive, toe-tapping clown who is in intense love and extremely angry at her country. She’s over the ol’ U.S. of A and its veiled promises and pledges. In a surprisingly loving patriotic foray, Penelope delivers an imaginative, universal spectacle about levity through anger, forgiveness through pain, pride through shame, connection through fear that straight-up defibrillates our human hearts.

40 minutes
Saturday, September 8, 1pm
Tuesday, September 11, 9pm
Sunday, September 16, 3pm
The Brick
579 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11211
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