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Work-Study Opportunities
Posted August 27, 2018
Say goodbye to the average work-study program! At The Muse Brooklyn and The Muse Gowanus our hearts beat circus, and our work-study students are the colorful backbone of our community. From being the face of our front desk, to transforming our studio into whatever fun event we happen to be hosting, this program promises to utilize the skills and interests of every individual, while giving opportunities to build and refine professional circus skills in our state-of-the-art studio in Brooklyn and our new studio in Gowanus.

The work-study program is a six-month commitment, consisting of two, 4.5 hour shifts each week. In exchange for hours worked on site, work-studies receive unlimited open workout training time, class credits to drop-in to any circus or fitness class offered with The Muse, discounted prices on events and merchandise, free entry into professionally-focused community workshops, and more! This program is flexible enough to meet the needs of students, performers, dreamers with a day job, and anyone else with other commitments, while still being structured enough to give hands-on, professional experience in administration, performing arts, and the circus industry overall. Our work-study program is designed to encourage the creative side of each individual while allowing them to explore new heights (literally!)

No circus experience required! We're proud to have been a home to everyone from dancers to actors, to scientists to engineers, and everything in between. If you love and support the arts, The Muse community is for you!
The Muse Brooklyn
350 Moffat St
Brooklyn, NY 11237

The Muse Gowanus
303 3rd Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Email to apply
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