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Wheel Weekend & US Trials (Chicago) Oct 11-13
Posted August 28, 2019
Wheel weekend is a retreat experience, featuring fun activities and clinics for anyone who wants to improve their wheel skills. This is a unique opportunity for every Cyr or gym wheel participant interested in training with the best coaches in the world. Whether your focus is performance, competition, physical fitness or simply fun, this weekend is for you!

Every Wheel Weekend coach loves our sport and wants to help ignite your passion, so you can achieve new heights while meeting and exceeding your hopes and dreams for Cyr and gym wheel. The focus of Wheel Weekend is to help each participant achieve a deeper understanding and knowledge of the wheel, whether you’re a beginner or a professional.

These JAM sessions are organized by Chicago Wheel Jam.

-Wolfgang Bientzle, Team USA head coach, leading world educator, and former world champion
-Katharina Arnold, Coach of world champion Laura Stullich
-Nadine Muenster, Former world champion
-Julia Pohling, Canada head coach/former world champion
-Chris Delgado, Team USA coach local host #2020NewYork
New: Charlie Wheeler, Leading Cyr performer (one of the best in the world)

Signature Cyr and gym wheel workshops
Coaches and judges training clinics and certification
New: Inclusion workshop and competition
Octoberfest wheel event and show (Bavarian style)
Camp fire festival circus variety show
TEAM USA trials for #NewYork2020

Let’s roll with fun and respect! Sign up now to receive the early bird discount.

October 11–13, 2019
Willye B White Park
1610 Howard St
Chicago, IL 60626
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