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Understanding Injury Feb 24
Posted February 11, 2018
This open single workshop is geared towards aerial and dance performers and students dealing with the physical and emotional impact of injury and body image challenges.

As physical people, performers constantly demand the impossible. They push their bodies to the extreme limits. They have a team of body workers always at the ready: physical therapists, massage therapists, yoga instructors, acupuncturists. But what about the mental and emotional piece? When did you last stop to ask what your body is trying to tell you? This group workshop will help you navigate the emotional impact of being injured.

Led by Wendy Reinert, a professional dancer and aerialist, personal trainer and life coach, the group will address how to ease the burden of injury and the high physical demands of the industry. Using various techniques, Wendy will guide you through activities and discussions so you will come out with a stronger understanding of how to handle the deep impact injuries can have. You will learn to train smarter, harder, and stronger, integrating mind and body instead of letting one overpower the other.

This workshop is for students and professionals.
Saturday, February 24, 1–3pm
The Muse
350 Moffat St.
Brooklyn, NY 11237
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How Much:
Cost is by donation as one of our community workshops.
Suggested donation is $12.
Note from the CircusNYC Editors: Posted as received.