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Trampolinist Wanted for Commercial Apply by Feb 13
Posted February 9, 2018
We are casting a commercial and looking for highly skilled female trampolinists. We are looking for a diverse cast. Most of our cast is from the UK and France, but we are currently missing exceptional trampolinists who are Black/ Spanish/ Latino/ Asian and hoping you guys in the USA will be able to help.

Trampowall is a big reference if you have anyone with this skill, but if they have a high skill level of trampolining then this can be worked on in rehearsals.

Our choreography adviser is Yoann Bourgeois. So if anyone has been trained by him or a contemporary of his we would love to hear from you.

Cavale, Cie Yoann Bourgeois, trailer 7mn from Adrien M & Claire B on Vimeo.

We are looking for people who are skilled in falling and performing on trampolines and can bring an effortlessness to their movement.

We are looking for trampolinists who have technical trampolining ability or you should be a highly able trampolinist or acrobat with a strong sense of dance and movement and an ability to take direction.

Diverse. Multicultural, interesting, cool looking people with a mixture of body shapes. The commercial is for a brand of jeans.

Ages 18+
Applications due: February 13
Rehearsal: February 19–28
Fitting: March 1
Shoot: March 2–3
London, England
-A clear, full-length photo,
-Your contact details
-Where you are based
-What training you have had
-Any relevant companies/ directors you may have worked with
-Footage of you on the trampoline
-How many years trampolining experience do you have
-That you heard about the casting from CircusNYC
How Much:
Four–five days rehearsal @ £350 per day
Two days shoot days (11 hours/day) @ £750 per day
Down days @ £100 per day
Wardrobe call @ £75 (three hours)
Overtime @ £75 per hour
One-year buyout @ £14,000 per person (only paid if included in final edits/media)
All fees are inclusive of any agency fees (please send CircusNYC a finder's fee; we suggest five–ten percent)
Note from the CircusNYC Editors: Posted as received.