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Theater Show Seeks Variety Artists Apps Due July 23
Posted July 19, 2019
Seeking performers for a new world-premiere show set to open in New York City in winter 2019/spring 2020. The show will be an immersive digital experience, taking the audience through the living pages of a graphic novel with cirque-style physical performance. Each character will be required to act and perform their physical specialty—only exceptional performers should apply. Performers should be comfortable interacting with audience in close proximity.

Somne Dreadbeam (female)
A vape artist with performing experience to play a character. Seeking a performer who can do a variety of tricks including ghost inhale, blowing O’s, and jellyfish.

Pineal Dream Cone (male or female)
Person of short stature /little person with acrobatic, clowning, and/or juggling skills preferred. Understanding of physical comedy is essential. This character lives in a tree and does everything in their power to make the Tree Pan happy.

Prince Akash (male)
Bar artist who can bring something original to parallel bar act and embody a god-like character. Solid planche essential. Excellent musicality with street bar-tricks. This character requires a performer who should be both impressive and can also embody irony as there is comedy in this act.
Please email headshot, resume and video links to by July 23, 2019.
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