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Cascade Of News
Posted July 12, 2020
Dearest readers,

Thank you for clicking this link. CircusNYC and JuggleNYC have come to a turning point and seek your input.

CircusNYC and JuggleNYC were launched as community hubs for circus/juggling artists and enthusiasts, industry professionals, the people who want to hire them, and fans to connect, promote their activities, and find resources. Since their creation, the rise of Facebook, CircusTalk, and other websites now provide many new opportunities for online connection. And now that the pandemic has moved most activity online, there may not be a need to break out local events, as we that distinction is now mostly meaningless.

For almost two decades, we have added new event and activity listings almost every day, sometimes several times a day. We have never charged for listings, and we have run the site completely on a volunteer basis. We have been grateful for contributions and advertising revenues, but they have not even paid the costs to maintain the sites. In fact, I'm using "we," but for the last many years, the sites have been a one-person effort. I, Viveca Gardiner, have paid all their costs and done all their work. I poured thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours into a redevelopment attempt that ended dramatically in failure. I will not go through that again.

I'd hoped to find a partner or partners with the technical skills to redevelop the sites, the ambition to help make them useful and usable, the ideas and energy to move them towards a real business model, and the love of the local circus community to want to contribute to it. I have always believed that with the right partner, CircusNYC and JuggleNYC could provide real value to their users, who would, accordingly, support them through advertising, paid listings, and possibly contributions.

However, I have not found that partner, and CircusNYC and JuggleNYC are no longer viable in their present form. The design and programming are antiquated, and much of the content is outdated. I don't have the skills to update them myself or the resources to pay another independent contractor to do it for hire.

To any users loyal enough to have read this far, would you please share your thoughts on the future of these sites. I'm looking for help bringing them into the present and setting them up for the future or permission to let them go.

Please help me decide. I'd be very grateful if you'd take a moment to fill out the survey below or just email me your thoughts.

Thank you,


Note from the CircusNYC Editors: Posted as received.