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Steampunk Secret Speakeasy Feb 25
Posted February 12, 2018
The Museum of Interesting Things presents
3D VHS “Grown-Up” Movie Festival (21 and older please)

Come see excerpts from the coolest and un-coolest, cheesiest, and, well, more cheesiest 3D risqué VHS and 2D risqué 16mm films of all time! 

They're not just on VHS, but on 3D VHS!  
Yes, I said 3D VHS tapes!
And we will show some of those cheesy 16mm short films too!

Witness love thru the ages with some risqué and interesting antiques from the history of film and 3D too! From quack medical devices to make you manly man/woman to belly dancing for the spouse!

Show will include vintage 16mm circus films and objects from the wind-up circus show.

The Museum of Interesting Things takes you back to the future that the past never saw coming!

3D on VHS, right here before your very two eyes!

At the NY Stereoscopic Society's monthly meeting.
Sunday, February 25, 6pm
The Loft at Prince Street
177 Prince Street
New York, NY
Get Tickets:
How Much:
Denny Daniel
(212) 274-8757
Note from the CircusNYC Editors: Posted as received.