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Red Bastard: Lie With Me July 21-23
Posted July 14, 2017
How free is your love?
You're about to find out. Every. Single. One of you.

Beware. Red Bastard is back! The dangerous, seductive comedy monster returns to New York with a brand new show to expose the lies we tell our lovers and those bastards who made us to lie in the first place.

Do you dare enter his fun house of twisted reflections? Love, lust, fear, and freedom await as the UK's most controversial clown seduces you with the shocking truth about the liars sitting right next to you.

Trigger warning: The author himself hesitates to present this show! Not only is it despicable. It’s embarrassing, and it’s complicated, with no easy answers and no happy ending. In fact, the only possible reason you would come to this show is …

It’s a show about you.

It’s been said no one is safe at a Red Bastard show. As the uninitiated cued for his sold-out Edinburgh runs, rumors ran rampant of audiences tearing off their clothes, quitting their jobs, proposing marriage, even getting divorced under Red Bastard’s hypnotic control. Could one man have all this power? Only those who enter may know.

Those who pay the price may expect games, traps and a very Dirty Pony as the Bastard you thought you knew transforms before your very eyes. It's the truth! Well, most of it.

Co-written by Eric Davis and Aitor Basauri.
Directed by Aitor Basauri.
July 21–23, 2017
Cloud City
85 N 1st St
Brooklyn, NY 11249
How Much:
Note from the CircusNYC Editors: Posted as received.