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Raising the Bar Intensive Program Auditions Nov 18
Posted November 6, 2017
Elevate your skills to a more professional, career-focused level, in The Muse Brooklyn's "Raising the Bar" Professional Intensive Program! This is a three-month commitment that ensures each participant meets their highest potential possible while preparing them for the real world of training, auditioning, and performing. The Intensive requires a tuition of $500 each month for a total of $1,500 over the course of the program, and in return, the participant receives unlimited opening work out training time, a specific track based on their goals, pre-enrollment into six classes each week, and a mentor to help guide them in their professional journey. This accumulates to an end-of-the-program called the Evolving Artist Student Showcase, where participants can show off the skills they've gained and refined over the past few months. The Intensive auditions three times a year: November, April, and August. There are a limited number of barter exchange options to supplement the tuition fee for the Intensive, where a participant works on site in exchange for participating in the program.

The Muse Brooklyn's goal is always to support you and your creative lifestyle, whether you have a circus background or not. From our roots in a Brooklyn backyard to our current home in a giant warehouse, we believe that the most vibrant cultural spaces live at an intersection of lifestyles, skill-sets, politics, and abilities. With discounts and by-donation classes for youth and local residents, we provide a space for everyone to explore their maximum creative potential and reach their goals; creatively, professionally, and otherwise.
The next round of auditions for the Professional Intensive Program is Saturday, November 18, 2017, 1pm (by invitation only). The intensive runs from January 8–March 26, 2018.
Please fill out the online application
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