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Online Circus Instructor Training Oct 6-Feb 22
Posted September 21, 2018
The National Circus School of Montreal now offers an online version of the circus arts Instructor program in English. The program takes place over a period of 17 weeks. It consists of mostly virtual sessions along with a week of onsite training with the school's teachers in Montreal or another city depending on the session.

The goal of this program is to educate circus arts instructors. These instructors will be qualified to provide an initiation to various circus disciplines in the context of recreational activity. These instructors may also serve as educators in the social services arena, introducing young people at risk to the circus arts.

Circus arts instructors are able to find employment in many areas. These include schools devoted to circus arts as recreational activity, municipal recreational facilities, day or vacation camps, or resorts that offer leisure activities. Instructors may also be called upon to animate after-school programs in educational facilities. Community and non-governmental organizations, which may also incorporate these arts as a form of social education, have occasion to call upon the services of circus arts instructors. The research have demonstrated the positive impacts on youngsters of the practice of circus arts, particularly in terms of motor skills, emotional resilience and self-confidence. Practicing circus reduces the differences between genders in terms of motor skills.

Upon graduating, instructors may further their professional development by enrolling in the trainer in circus arts program, receiving credit for the first five courses and their 90 hours work experience internship.
Register by September 24, 2018
Course runs October 6, 2018–February 22, 2019
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