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Movement Theater Studio Workshops Nov 8-Dec 8
Posted October 28, 2019
Richard Crawford
Lecoq 101
November 8–10
This is MTS' signature workshop! An opportunity for physically curious actors to explore the core principles of Jacques Lecoq's pedagodgy for the first time. The workshop will cover the neutral mask, le jeu, gestural languages, ensemble-created theater, Lecoq's 20 Movements and more. Taught by MTS' founder and director Richard Crawford.

Virginia Scott
Clown 1
November 22–24
She's back! Virginia Scott - one of America's greatest clown teachers and co-author of the new book, Discovering Your Clown, offers you your big chance to seek the source of your comic nature, connect to your playful spirit and discover your clown!

Richard Crawford
Neutral Mask
December 6–8
A three-day workshop unveiling the power of the neutral mask in search of theatrical presence and physical control. With MTS founder and renowned physical performer Richard Crawford (War Horse, Slava's Snowshow)
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