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Movement Theater Studio Workshops June 17-July 12
Posted April 25, 2019
One-Month Physical Theater Intensive
June 17–July 12 (no class Thursday, July 4)
The first comprehensive Lecoq-based training program in New York. Focusing on the actor as creator, the 2018 Summer Physical Theater Intensive at MTS is based on key elements of the Lecoq pedagogy, including le jeu, clown, neutral mask, and Lecoq's 20 Movements in approaching the creation of original and physically told narratives. Faculty include Richard Crawford (actor, War Horse), Emmanuelle Delpech (Pig Iron Theater Company), Yuval Boim (LISPA), and Virginia Scott (designated Chris Bayes teacher).

The Ensemble Director: Creating Original Theater
Emmanuelle Delpech
June 17–21
This workshop addresses the role of director within an ensemble setting; looking at the tools of devising where the traditional boundaries between actor/director and director/writer are blurred giving rise to a joint vision. Taught by award-winning director/actor Emmanuelle Delpech of Pig Iron Theater.

Virginia Scott
Clown 1
June 24–28
it's your big chance to seek the source of your comic nature, connect to your playful spirit and discover your clown! Virginia Scott is a certified Chris Bayes teacher.

Richard Crawford
Character Mask
July 1–5 (no class July 4)
Movement Theater Studio nyc
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