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Movement Theater Studio Classes
Posted August 20, 2017
Lecoq 101
Richard Crawford
This workshop provides an opportunity for physically curious actors to explore the core principles of Jacques Lecoq's pedagogy for the first time. It is an over-arching introduction in a playful, intensive setting and will cover such areas as neutral mask, le jeu, gestural languages, Lecoq's 20 movements, identification work, and ensemble-created theater.

Dates: September 15–17, time TBA
Fee: $250 (A $100 deposit is required to secure space and is refundable until September 1. Remainder of fee is due September 8.)

Clown 1
Virginia Scott
Your clown is unique and specific to you, he is the regretless and enthusiastic expression of your comic nature, and he cannot be crafted but must be discovered! And once he is discovered he will weasel his way into every performance you give, bringing newfound abandon, specificity and playfulness.

In this class we will begin by strengthening the muscles necessary to prepare the performer to discover this clown. Through physically oriented exercises, games, and improvisations we will begin to use the whole body in performance and find a unity of psychological and physical intention.

Dates: September 30–October 1, 10am–5pm
Fee: $250 (A $100 deposit is required to secure space and is refundable until September 16. Remainder of fee is due September 23.)

The Ensemble Director: Creating Original Theater
Richard Crawford
This workshop addresses the role of director in an ensemble setting. A seeming contradiction, how does a director inspire joint ownership of the generation of new material and at the same time maintain creative autonomy in order to sculpt the final product? We will look at the tools of devising where the traditional boundaries between actor/director and director/writer are blurred and where the ensemble enriches the creation of original material, giving rise to a joint vision.

Dates: October 20–22, time TBD
Fee: $250 (A $100 deposit is required to secure space and is refundable until October 6. Remainder of fee is due October 13.)

Contemporary Puppetry in Practice
Tom Lee
A unique three-day course in contemporary puppet manipulation with renowned War Horse puppeteer and designer Tom Lee. Using principles of traditional Japanese puppet theater as a starting point, this workshop is for puppeteers and movement-based actors to study the art of bringing a figure to life through focus, breath and fixed points of intention.

Dates: November 10–12, time TBD
Fee: Fee: $250 (A $100 deposit is required to secure space and is refundable until October 27. Remainder of fee is due November 3.)
NOLA Rehearsal Studios
250 W 54th St.
New York, NY
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15 percent off through September 1!
Cassidy Wingate
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