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Mil Grus Dec 11-21
Posted November 21, 2019
The 15th Annual Fringe Encore Series presents Mil Grus, an LA-based ensemble that has developed a unique form of physical satire. Their visual, visceral, and irreproducible show is unique every time, depending on who shows up and shares space with these five cosmic beings. Blending bouffon, sacred clowning, spectacle, and physical theater, Mil Grus acts as a mirror to society and forces us to laugh at our own fears and weaknesses. Formed in 2018 under the direction of Dean Evans, Mil Grus began to perform all over Los Angeles in comedy and variety shows as well as performance art happenings. It developed its signature style in front of live and often playfully brutal audiences. It’s hard to say for sure what will happen at a Mil Grus show, but it’s sure to surprise you and it won’t disappoint.

Bouffon is a style of satire that dates as far back as ancient Rome and was popularized by the work of Jacques Lecoq in the 1960s. Mil Grus’ style also draws inspiration from sacred clowns throughout the world from different cultures who use clowning as a way to address social problems. Sacred clowns can use mockery to break tension surrounding important issues and open new pathways for reflection.

The name comes from Roman Philosopher Pliney the Elder who wrote that cranes would appoint one of their flock to stand guard while they slept. The sentry would hold a stone in its claw so that if it fell asleep, it would drop the stone and awaken another to take its place. As bouffons, Mil Grus always has one eye open.

Winner: The Hollywood ENCORE! Producer's Award
Winner: TVolution’s Best of the Fringe
HFF Pick of the Fringe
Nominee: Best in Dance and Physical Theater
Better Lemons DoubleSWEET Rating (%100 positive rating from critics and audience reviews)
Selected for 2019 Fringe Encore Series at SoHo Playhouse
Wednesday, December 11, 7pm
Thursday, December 12, 7pm
Sunday, December 15, 6:30pm
Tuesday, December 17, 9pm
Thursday, December 19, 9pm
Saturday, December 21, 9pm
Soho Playhouse
15 Vandam St.
New York, NY 10013
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