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"Damn everything but the circus." – E.E. Cummings
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Look at What We Found Sep 5-8
Posted August 4, 2018
Created and performed by Tommy Galan, Kasey Pearl-Lee, Christina Perry, Amber Largent, and Lauren Flynn

Look At What We Found is a theatrical improvised clown performance that invites the audience into a world where they can let go of their rigid adult lives, surrender to play, and find the joy and magic they left behind as children. The clowns begin with the stage and theater as their blank canvas, and with one brush stroke of stupidity at a time they build a tapestry of games, play, interaction and fun. Together, clowns and audience will Look At What We Found!

60 minutes
Wednesday, September 5, 9pm
Saturday, September 8, 3pm
The Brick
579 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11211
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