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Information Wanted: Ellen Colman
Posted February 2, 2016
hello what it is my mother joined mills bros cirus in 1951 I know its a long time ago and ive never seen my mother sine then she arrived on the queen Elizabeth from southhampton uk on the 14th april 1951 and was traveling to colombus ohio after arriving in new York they did 156 shows in 1951 alone ive been trying to find out what happened to her as I ant find any death records for her I know she was good on the trampoline and the last place she was heard of was chicargo you probably wont be able to help me but I thought it was worth a try as ive no were else to turn her name then was ellen colman her address was 350 Armstrong road benwall new castle upon tyne England I know she had a child out there whos name was ricky who I would love to meet if you could find out any information at all I would be internally grate full yours sincerely mrs ann sharples
Ann Sharples
Note from the CircusNYC Editors: Body text posted exactly as received.