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Hula Hoop Intensive with Emily Gandolfo Nov 24-Dec 22
Posted November 15, 2019
Emily Gandolfo also known as Mystic Flow Fairy will be hosting a five-week long hula hoop intensive. Spots are limited, so make sure you sign up and secure your spot now! We will be going into detail about various different movements and tricks. Each week is something new! Bring your favorite hoops, a notebook, and an excited-to-learn attitude!

Sundays, November 24 to December 22

Week 1: On-Body Hooping - we will cover everything from waist hooping, leg hooping, chest hoop, transitions between the three and the vortex.

Week 2: Isolations and Folds - we will discuss folds and the grid plane theory. We will cover ghosting folds, isolation illusions, continuous folds, one-handed and two-handed helicopters, behind the back isolations, and around-the-world isolations.

Week 3: Rolls - this week will be all about body rolls. Chest and back rolls will be discussed in length how to get the perfect roll each time. We will also learn variations such as back to chest roll, chest roll pops, chest roll switches, chest roll duck ins, and more!

Week 4: Wedgies and Escalators - these specific skills can take some time to master but once we get there we will learn multiple variations. Wedgie folds, wedgie stalls, wedgie flips, wedgie to escalators, and escalators into wedgies. Reverse escalators, escalator illusions, and palm spin to escalator.

Week 5: Combos and Extra Help - in the last class we will spend time putting it all together, building simple routines, and working on any acts you are currently working on. This is also a great time for us to go back and review anything you learned but you still feel you need help with.

Practice makes progress! Hope to see you there!
November 24–December 22, 2019
Sundays, 2–3:30pm
The Muse Brooklyn
350 Moffat St.
Brooklyn, NY 11237
Get Tickets:
Register here
How Much:
$75 for five weeks
$25 for drop ins (space permitting)
Note from the CircusNYC Editors: Posted as received.