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How to Be Rejected Mar 17
Posted March 7, 2018
This open single workshop is for aerial and dance performers and students dealing with the emotional challenges of audition rejections.

This workshop will address the emotional fatigue brought on by working in an industry where constant rejection is normal and inevitable. When you pour your heart and soul into your work, the audition cuts rarely get easier. How will you trust and grow your own self worth when you are constantly told no? How will you thrive in an industry built upon comparison and competition?

Guided by Wendy Reinert, a professional dancer and aerialist with 25 years of auditioning experience, this group will address these questions and more. She will give you permission to talk about the difficult stuff of the performance industry in a safe, nonjudgmental space. You’ll come away with your own personal plan for managing each audition cut, ongoing support for navigating the industry, and a renewed trust in yourself and your community.

This workshop is for both students and professionals.
Saturday, March 17, 1–3pm
The Muse Brooklyn
350 Moffat St.
Brooklyn, NY
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Suggested donation $12
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