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Handstand Workshop Feb 10
Posted February 5, 2018
There are no prerequisites for this workshop, all you need is a body and a willingness to learn and work hard.

Pencil and paper for notes are recommended.

This workshop is for those who have spent little to no time on their hands and want to achieve their freestanding handstand.

What we will be covering:
-How to properly warm up and prepare our bodies for handstands. Wrist, shoulder, spine, and hip stretching.
-Proper body position. How each piece of your body should be for the most optimal and aesthetically pleasing handstand for you.
-How to strengthen and mobilize your body so you can hold a handstand with greater ease and cleaner lines.
-Progressions to work up to the freestanding handstand.
-What you mindset should be to understand balancing on your hands.

Jordan Garcia is a teacher and circus performer. His main discipline is handbalancing, but he also practices acrobatics, parkour, aerial straps, and many other side disciplines.
Saturday, February 10
Beginner: 10:30am–12:30pm
Intermediate: 1:30–3:30pm
The Muse
350 Moffat St.
Brooklyn, NY
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