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Gregangelo Artalks Live Stream NECCA Founders June 11
Posted June 11, 2020
Achieving High-Flying Dreams with Identical Twins Aerialists Serenity & Elsie

Gregangelo Artalks presents Elsie and Serenity, twin aerialists

Being a performer is only possible with an audience.

Though all public performing venues are on indefinite lockdown, the spirit of arts and culture continues in private without the applause.

We invite you behind the scenes for live insights into the innovative lives of award-winning twin aerial artists who toured with Cirque de Soleil and Ringling Brothers and now guide others to realize their dreams.

Engage in inspired talk, witness exciting aerial acts, delve into the creative imagination of the artists, and perhaps Illuminate your own dreams.

Join us to discover just how much art talks.

About Gregangelo Artalks:

The Gregangelo Museum livestreams from different locations within the museum’s installations. It interviews artists who talk about their individual journeys and how they are thriving in a world that says artists can’t make a living doing what they love. The show features discussions on their unique artistic expressions, how they fuel imagination, and keeping their craft alive and expansive.

During the show, the hosts open the conversation up to viewers. They want to hear what you are doing, what ignites your creativity, and how you realize your passion. As they share in this process together, they will spark new ideas, discuss new projects, awaken new dreams, and hopefully together find a way to love what we do.
Thursday, June 11, 8:30pm Eastern Daylight Time
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