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German Wheel Workshop Aug 12
Posted July 12, 2018
In this workshop, you’ll advance the wheel skills you already have by learning and refining forward and backward flips, stomach rock skills, free flying, bridges, hip circles, and more. Some prior experience is required; participants must be able to get their shoulders through the wheel in a sit rock, perform a high stomach rock independently, and be completely comfortable with cartwheels and push-up cartwheels.

Instructor Carly Schuna is a four-time (2014–2017) women's national champion in wheel gymnastics and a certified German wheel coach through the USA Wheel Gymnastics Federation. She has competed, performed, trained, and coached throughout the United States as well as in Germany, Italy, and Japan. Carly is also a founder and executive board member of the Madison Circus Space, where she regularly teaches recreational wheel classes and coaches a competitive wheel team that includes both current junior national champions.
Sunday, August 12, 7–9pm
The Muse
350 Moffat Street
Brooklyn, NY
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