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German Wheel (NJ) Sep 21
Posted September 13, 2019

Little Wheelers
This workshop is designed for students ages 6–12 years of age. Students under 8 will be required to have a parent present.

Big wheels for little people! Parent and child work together as their little acrobats hang and climb their way into the rolling jungle gym of a German wheel!

• Start off with wheel walks: by themselves or with a parent, students will learn to move the wheel using their own bodies as momentum.
• Feeling brave? Strap on in and go all the way upside down!
• With vault, leap all the way over the top of the wheel! Better than Superman!
• Partnering with other little ones, kids can rock back and forth with the fan-favorite, teeter-totter
• Standing on top of the wheel – "Look ma, no hands!"
• Last but not least, fly through the air while leaping through the wheel with the infamous "happy ninja roll."

Class is for a parent and child to take together.

Beginner German Wheel – Get Ready to Roll!

Take a ride on the wild side as we roll our way into the wonderful world of wheel!

• Start off in the belts, you'll be upside-down in in the first trick of class.
• My first favorite trick! The infamous monkey roll with dramatic upside-­down stalls.
• Free­seat forwards, ­ the must­-know move of straight line
• Lean to lean as you float across the wheel with a smoosh.
• Standing on top of the wheel—the easiest way to impress your audience!
• Doubles tricks—the joy of teeter totter

10 spots available, 90 mins of supreme wheel awesomeness!
Saturday, September 21, 2019
Noon–1pm Little Wheelers
1:30–3pm Get Ready to Roll
New Jersey Circus Center
165 Amboy Road, Suite 701
Morganville, NJ 07751
Sign up here
How Much:
$65 for the little workshop
$75 for the adult workshop
Note from the CircusNYC Editors: Posted as received.