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Different Trains July 14
Posted July 11, 2017
It's summer in the city! So very many of us leave, but for those of us that stick around, this season's our concrete jungle dream. And so, in honor and the interest of that, Groupmuse presents a rather wild Massivemuse.

The Muse (no relation other than our mutual and undying commitment to the explosive expressive potential of every moment on this earth) has opened up their space for a multi-way collaboration to celebrate the fusing worlds of art in our Great City.
Steve Reich's modern minimalist masterwork Different Trains will be played with brand new choreography by members of The Muse's in-house circus company: ABCirque!

ABCirque's unique blend of immersive contemporary circus has become the company's signature style. This new work is presented by their multi-faceted specialty artists and not to be missed!

If you've never been to The Muse, words cannot describe. It's a psychedelic kingdom warehouse with an amphitheater-in-progress outside.

We can't wait to share this with all of you.
Friday, July 13, 2017
Here's how this kaleidoscopic evening extravaganza is going to go down:
8pm: Doors
8:30pm: Samuel Barber's adagio for strings, featuring four of the best players this city has to offer
8:45pm: Music from Aitor Etxebarria's score for MARKAK - a new documentary about the bombing of Guernica
9:10pm: Intermission
9:30pm: Steve Reich's modern minimalist masterwork Different Trains with ABCirque
10pm: After party with a DJ set and a dance party
11:30pm: After, after party located down the street at Nowadays
The Muse Brooklyn
350 Moffat Street
Brooklyn, NY 11237
How Much:
$25 through
$30 at the door
Note from the CircusNYC Editors: Posted as received.