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Demystifying Workshops with Nicki Miller Nov 24
Posted November 12, 2019
Demystifying Shoulder Rotation
This workshop is for movers of all levels who seek a better understanding of how to care for healthy shoulders. In acrobatics (aerial, handstands, partner acro), we ask a lot more of our shoulders than in our day-to-day movement. The importance of strong rotator cuffs for healthy shoulder mobility is a familiar concept to most people, but what the rotator cuff is and how it works is not as commonly explained. In this workshop we will look at images that help clarify anatomy of the shoulder complex, explore each students healthy ranges of motion and go over various shoulder rotation exercises and strategies to gain increased range of motion and control. We will look at how this work translates to aerial and acrobatics to further contextualize the importance of this work in a training practice.

Demystifying Lower Back and Hip Mobility
This workshop is for movers of all levels who seek to find greater freedom in their low back and hip mobility. In this workshop we will look at images that help clarify anatomy of the lower spine, pelvis, and hip joints. We will identify some common movements where low/back hip dissociation is useful in circus, and students will explore their current ranges of motion and any compensation patterns that might be occurring. The work will consist of spinal articulations, hip mobility exercises, and cues to help students find proper isolation and engagement of the low back, pelvis, and hip joints for increased range of motion, strength, and flexibility. We will work on the floor and follow movement pathways that translate to those students might use in aerial and acrobatic movement.

Nicole Valerie Miller is an NYC-based director and performer known for her theatrical take on aerial arts. She is co-founding artistic director of Only Child Aerial Theatre (ASYLUM NYU Skirball CN:ICE, Framework INSITU Site-Specific Dance Festival). Her work as aerial designer and choreographer has most notably been included in Ripe Time’s The World is Round at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) directed by Rachel Dickstein. Recently she was assistant director of 5th Wall Studio's Breaking Surface in NYC. She has also been a resident artist at Cirkus Cirkör (Sweden), the 2016/17 New Victory LabWorks Program, the Santa Barbara Floor to Air Festival, Circus Sessions at Toronto's Harbourfront Centre, the Contemporary Circus Arts Festival of Toronto, and was the recipient of the Glenn P. Davis Aerial Choreographer’s scholarship award for the 2018 Frequent Flyers’ Aerial Dance Festival in Colorado. In 2017 she spent two months in Europe assisting and observing projects at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Shakespeare's Globe, as well as advanced training with Frantic Assembly. She also completed a creative residency in Sweden, where she also shadowed Cirkus Cirkör director Olle Strandberg on the premiere of his new show Under. Nicole Valerie is a graduate of Syracuse University's College of Visual and Performing Arts. She is also a freelance director, aerial theater consultant, and educator.
Sunday, November 24, 2019
11am–1pm Demystifying Shoulder Rotation
1:30–3:30pm Demystifying Lower Back and Hip Mobility
The Muse Brooklyn
350 Moffat St
Brooklyn, NY 11237
Register here
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