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Create Clown Material with Aitor Basauri (ME) Aug 7-12
Posted July 3, 2017
Aitor Basauri will lead students in an exploration of what it takes to create their own original clown material, touching on topics such as costumes and props, designing for specific venues, and narrative and dramatic structure, all couched in a series of games to shake out those little gems of inspiration!

Aitor draws on his extensive experience as one of the founding members of Spymonkey, based in London. With its dark, edgy physical comedy rooted "somewhere between Monty Python, the Marx Brothers, and Samuel Beckett" (The Houston Chronicle), and a quartet of performers from Spain, Germany, and England, Spymonkey has proved to be a truly international phenomenon, enjoyed by and accessible to a wide range of international audiences.

We reached out to Emily Carragher, the clown currently on tour with Cirque du Soleil's Varekai, to ask for a few thoughts on her past training with Aitor. She said his "teaching style is great because you feel the freedom to fail. His brutal honesty is so helpful, and he'll always make you feel special about how terrible you were."

"By taking Aitor's workshop, I've been able to incorporate his lessons directly into my work. I use directives like 'don't play the costume' and 'accept the flop.' I'm able to take the games we played, find the lesson, and use them to find the truth in my act. He's terrific at making you feel vulnerable, and it really empowers you to make better dramatic choices."

Emily added that she "really loved studying at the Barn because it's such a family setting, like a week up at your Grampa's farm where you get to dress up in silly costumes and play games and laugh until you fall down. I want to study there every summer."

(Spoiler alert: She's coming back this year.)

Spymonkey has a number of projects in the works for next year. In the meanwhile, Aitor has been teaching and directing a solo performance in Hawaii before heading to Las Vegas to lead a workshop for acrobats, artists, and clowns.

Aitor tells us that he's "very excited to come back to the Barn. It is the best place to work and workshop I have ever been. It is—for a week—a big bubble where you work in your stupidity, in our case, or in other projects, in a very concentrated way. At the same time I have lots of fun and I eat lobster, two of my favorite things in the world."
August 7–12, 2017
Celebration Barn
190 Stock Farm Road
South Paris, ME
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