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Coney Island Museum Astroland Anniversary Show July 14
Posted July 5, 2018
The Museum of Interesting Things Astroland Anniversary show

What better way to celebrate Coney Island AstroLand’s Anniversary then to see classic 16mm films, including many actual NASA films from the Space Race and early 1900s circus films too, and then get to touch actual items from the Space Race and the Museum’s wind-up circus show too!

See vintage 16mm films, and touch interesting Space Race/old war/WW2 things!

The Space Race, the Cold War, and the Atomic Era fueled an era of exploration and invention that still influences products, design, and culture to this day! The Museum of Interesting Things brings together this trend with an exhibition filled with items inspired by the space race, the Cold War, and World War II with actual items from NASA, World War II, and the Cold War as well as atomic/radiology items and unique spy items. People get to actually see and handle authentic space race, military, and domestic items from this era and someone may even get to try on an actual NASA space shuttle jumpsuit!

The Museum also has a massive collection of original vintage NASA and World War II footage, much of which was produced internally by NASA for the news stations in the 1950s through the 1970s on the Saturn and Apollo programs as well as interviews with Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Dr. Robert Goddard, and Wehrner Von Braun. In between each short film we demonstrate items from the Space Race and Cold War.
Saturday, July 14, 7pm
Coney Island Museum
1208 Surf Ave 2nd floor
Brooklyn NY 11224
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Denny Daniel
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