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Clown Theory by Jango Edwards (Spain) Mar 20-24
Posted December 25, 2012
The art of the clown actor is not just a profession, but a lifestyle that demands an understanding of emotion, sensitivity, passion, pathos, and the heart.

The essence of clown, in the pure sense, is a combination of innocence and maturity. The Clown Theory Encounter is a way of uniting these qualities so each participant can discover and develop their personal clown, and apply it to their life after the course is completed. A combination of 20 years of professional experience, simple awareness, and common logic enables the instructor to reveal the clown character within each of us.
Through the use of assorted games, physical activities, sociological demonstrations, improvisations, and performance, each student will find his or her comic simplicity, innocence, and logic, which are the fundamental ingredients of the clown formula. A play-environment is created, in which trust within the group ensemble can develop. This motivates the students to remember the innocence they have forgotten. It will also reveal present social and human conditions. It may sound complicated but in fact it’s simple; it is the simplicity that is difficult for us to grasp.

Clown is a social character in all realms of life. The performance situation, be it theater or circus, is probably the most common form through which we know clowns, but it’s the least important. The primary requirements to reveal your personal clown is a knowledge of the comic formula and the creation of a clown heart. You have always had, and always will have, a clown heart, but to revive it demands the simple desire to regain and sustain your youth throughout all aspects of life.

The Clown Theory Class first reveals the innocence each of us has surrendered; and then proves it is never too late to recapture it again. It’s a challenge, it’s revealing but most of all it’s fun.

Instructor Jango Edwards is founder of the original Festival of Fool; director of The Nouveau Clown Institute and the Fools Militia, creator of Cabaret Cabrón; and an international clown artist, writer, composer, director, and producer. During the past 40 years he has performed and taught in over 30 countries and is constantly active in the evolution of the global clown profession.
March 20–24, 2013
Barcelona, Spain
How Much:
250 euros
0034 661 111127
Note from the CircusNYC Editors: Posted as received.