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Circus Crisis Aug 22
Posted August 21, 2017
House of Yes presents
Circus Crisis: Fundraiser for The Muse

Supporting DIY spaces is supporting the future of our art scene. This place is an incubator, an invaluable resource, a home. Without The Muse there would be no affordable aerial rehearsal space in Brooklyn, not nearly as much innovation in the circus arts. There will be a palpable vacuum on stages, dance floors, and all other spaces in between.

Our friends over at The Muse are having a serious "shit is fucked" moment between the Department of Buildings drama and a very big client withholding a large amount of money owed. In a time when bigotry takes precedence over building strong communities, and the arts funding crisis is in full force, there is only you … and this sick line up of talent.

MC'd by the inimitable Eric Schmalenberger

Anya Sapozhnikova and Melissa Aguerre
Angela Butch and Yoni Kallai
Eric Walton
Ivory Fox
Daisy Press
Chris McDaniel
Jared Rydelic
Kyle Driggs and Andrea Murillo
Sarah Jean Hinderhofer

Letter from The Muse

Dearest circus family,

We hope this message finds you well as, in all transparency, we write with hopeful hearts and hefty goals. Due to a number of recent, unforeseen circumstances, we are reaching out to let our beloved community know that we need your help.

We realize this message finds you a year from our last fundraiser, but each one of the 365 days has been a long one and we are still on the mend. Last summer’s fundraiser was a huge success and it allowed us to sustain another year, but we’re still in the midst of our recovery. We’re navigating our way through the thick of things and we’re hoping to end this process ASAP, but we’ve been hit several more times with fees, unfulfilled funds, and unfortunate setbacks.

Running an artistic institution like ours in one of the most expensive places in the world is a gamble, but we do it because our hearts beat circus and NYC is one of the most diverse, accepting, and beautifully creative places on this earth. We sustain high costs of living through our events, and because of our events, The Muse is able to provide affordable circus training and education to the community. Unfortunately, we’ve had some people take advantage of our generosity and it’s put us in an uncomfortable spot we did not expect. Remember our fundraising campaign last year? That need has only grown in urgency. As always, The Muse Brooklyn is resilient and we are fighting the good fight! Everything is in the legal department and resolutions are nigh, but not soon enough for us to hit certain demands or deadlines. Did we mention that property tax has not doubled, not tripled, but actually sextupled?

We’re always hopeful and we’re very much aware of the fact that The Muse Brooklyn’s nine lives are made possible because of our community. We spring back with cat-like reflexes because of the love, support, resilient nature, and irrevocable talent that is this community, and we ask that you, our dear Circus Family, help us ride this next wave out.

Tuesday, August 22, 7pm
House of Yes
2 Wyckoff Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237
Get Tickets:
$15 through
Note from the CircusNYC Editors: Posted as received.