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"Damn everything but the circus." – E.E. Cummings
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Cheeks Sep 6-22
Posted August 6, 2018
Written and performed by: Lee Minora
Directed by Scott Sheppard

Lady Elizabeth Edwards has been making art in solitude. You are the first people she’s seen in a decade- and you are a complete disappointment! This is Cheeks: a brutal clown show that melds contemporary stand-up bouffon clown and hands-on audience play. Laugh through your fear while this one-woman beast sucks the marrow from your funny bone all while taking on the tropes of our most revered female artists. No one is safe in this weapons grade comedy, where everything is up for grabs—except her p*ssy. Cheeks is Jane Austen with a handgun.

60 minutes
Thursday, September 6, 7pm
Friday, September 21, 7pm
Saturday, September 22, 5pm
The Brick
579 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11211
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