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A Monologue With A Suitcase Oct 12
Posted October 10, 2017
A mime in quest for his soul beyond Bulgaria. Our search for identity and common creation. Crossing borders and challenges, finding laugh in the human drama, making art for survival. Everyone’s search for self and soul encapsulated in a comic drama. Guerassim leaves Bulgaria to display his art in Paris. A successful journey to find himself in art and others.

Guerassim Dichliev performed A Monologue With A Suitcase in France, Bulgaria, Angola, Puerto Rico, and Colombia among several other countries. A Monologue was awarded Best International Performance of 2015 in Cordoba, Argentina.
Thursday, October 12, 7:30pm
Theater Row - The Studio Theater
410 W 42nd St.
New York, NY, 10036
To buy tickets, please go to and select October 12 at 7:30pm.
How Much:
Tickets cost $43. Guava Productions opposes adding fees to advertised ticket prices. Forty-three dollars is the total amount for one ticket. It's not in the interest of theater attendants to hear one price and end up having to pay another.​
More Information:
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