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"Damn everything but the circus." E.E. Cummings
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      PAST... In 2004, Cirque Boom and Circus Experience co-sponsored a meeting where circus artists and aficionados shared stories, skills, and questions. One overriding theme emerged: the desire for a central information resource for the

    We took the message to heart and founded and Pooling our strengths from Cynthia's web design company CynRa Media and Viveca's event entertainment company Playful Productions, we launched

    Over the years, thrived and grew. In 2007 it got over 185,000 hits. Besides its targeted listings, it launched an active Message Board and an opt-in monthly newsletter, Cascade of News, with a combined user base of over 250 individuals. Because New York City had no other such resource, we got sent listings for all kinds of non-juggling related variety arts activities. We knew we needed a broader site to include them.

    PRESENT... And that's where comes in. Launched in January, 2008, already averages over 500 distinct visitors every day, and they visit it from all over the world. The Cascade of News now includes information from both sites as well as occasional special offers for subscribers only.

    Although still in its infancy, is poised to grow fast as it fills this vacancy.

    FUTURE... Our goal is to create an active community hub for circus & variety artists, industry professionals, the people who want to hire them, and fans. Cyn has big dreams to expand to other cities, and eventually take over the universe, but for now we're dedicated to making the place everyone goes to share information about all of the circus-related events and opportunities in New York City.