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Aerial Track Workshop May 20-21
Posted May 2, 2017
Instructor: Lisa Giobbi,Movement Theater

Aerial track allows for investigating movement and enriched emotional moments by creating an “ungrounded” reality. Aerial track dance is able to adapt time, lengthening a moment to reveal the hidden layers of time present in every moment. It creates a movement environment void of true gravity which can evoke a subtle questioning of our perception of reality, suspending belief. And of course, hands-free flying!

The two-day workshop initiates the participant into the world of aerial track dance, discovering the body in motion without gravitational limits. You will have the opportunity to learn the basics of lift and travel operating, as well as flying techniques on adjustable side pic harnesses. Cooperation between operators and harnessed participant is an essential part of the technique, and you will be challenged to work in highly sensitized trios.
No experience in dance or aerial is required.

Dress code: Please wear moveable, tight-flitting clothing that covers your armpits, and be prepared to take off your shoes. You can keep on your socks. Remove all jewelry before hopping onto any apparatus!
Saturday, May 20 & Sunday, May 21, 10am–2pm
The Muse
250 Moffat Street
Brooklyn, NY
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